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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program: South Dakota State Profile (2021)

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The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Training and Technical Assistance Center (PDMP TTAC) reports 2020 data and 2021 features of the South Dakota state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP).


The acronym for the South Dakota PDMP is SD PDMP. It is administered by the South Dakota Board of Pharmacy. The email address is provided, along with the URLs of the main website and related websites for enrollment, query, and data upload. Contact information is provided for the PDMP Director and the PDMP Assistant. In 2020, the state population was 887,770, and there were 5,566 DEA-registered prescribers and 201 DEA-registered dispensers. A total of 13 types of reports are listed as being available from the PDMP. Funding sources for the PDMP are the regulatory board fund and a CDC grant. The budget amount for 2021 is not provided. Two part-time staff perform operational and analytical/epidemiological tasks. Significant dates for events in the establishment and development of the PDMP are listed. Information is provided for accessing statutes and rules pertinent to the establishment and responsibilities of the PDMP. Ten miscellaneous capabilities and policies of the PDMP are listed. PDMP data must be held for 3 years before purging, with the option of retaining de-identified data. There is no available or required training reported for using the PDMP. The required information for a PDMP account is provided. Law enforcement agencies cannot access patient information unless there is an active investigation. Information required for a query is reported. Enrollment in the PDMP is required for prescribers but not dispensers; however, use of the PDMP by either prescribers or dispensers is not required. There are no uniform standards for retail pharmacies regarding veterinarian prescriptions for animals. Data are monitored for drugs listed in Schedules II-V.

Date Published: January 1, 2021