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Training & Technical Assistance


The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) works with over 100 training and technical assistance (TTA) programs to meet the unique needs of grantees and other criminal justice practitioners and agencies. The objectives of BJA’s TTA services are to:

  • Provide information to grantees and criminal justice professionals to replicate model programs and approaches.
  • Increase knowledge and use of best practices, emerging technologies, and new models.
  • Support agencies and jurisdictions to identify and address operational and programmatic needs.

BJA's National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC) promotes BJA's mission by serving as a one-stop shop for BJA's justice-related training and technical assistance (TTA).

BJA TTA Grantee Resources

Visit the BJA TTA Grantee Directory, an easy-to-use, searchable guide containing a comprehensive list of approximately 100 BJA TTA providers. In addition, please note these highlighted TTA resources:

Stay Informed with BJA NTTAC

Explore the BJA NTTAC website to learn more about new information and tools available to criminal justice professionals to assist them in improving the nation's state, local, and tribal criminal justice systems. BJA NTTAC is dedicated to facilitating the provision of consistent, effective TTA services that achieve meaningful criminal justice outcomes.

BJA NTTAC publishes the TTA Today Blog, which shares regular information on new TTA initiatives, resources, and issues impacting the criminal justice field. In addition, BJA NTTAC hosts the BJA TTA Catalog where BJA TTA providers market upcoming webinars and training and technical assistance opportunities.

Request TTA Services

One of the features of the BJA NTTAC site is the automated TTA request application, which allows you to easily request assistance online. In order to address the unique needs of each requestor, the TTA services provided through BJA NTTAC cover a broad set of topic areas including adjudication, corrections, counter-terrorism, crime prevention, justice information-sharing, law enforcement, mental health, substance use, tribal justice, and capacity-building. Across these topic areas, BJA NTTAC supports TTA at various levels of time and resource-intensiveness including:

  • Assistance implementing evidence-based programs.
  • Assistance with strategic planning.
  • Curriculum development.
  • Customized technical assistance from subject matter experts.
  • Data analysis.
  • Facilitation of advisory group meetings.
  • Fostering relationships with research partners.
  • Onsite and distance learning training.
  • Peer-to-peer visits.
  • Research and information requests.

TTA Reporting Portal

BJA NTTAC maintains the BJA TTA Reporting Portal, which includes several reporting capabilities that enhance the way BJA and its TTA providers capture, track, and report on TTA activities. The system enables users to obtain a comprehensive, real-time awareness of TTA activities.

To learn more, visit the BJA Training and Technical Assistance Providers page.


If you have any questions about BJA NTTAC or would like additional information about TTA services, contact BJA NTTAC at [email protected].

Date Modified: August 30, 2021
Date Created: November 17, 2019