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Help Shape the Next Tier of Justice Counts Metrics

Justice Counts is a national initiative to improve the accessibility and usability of criminal justice data. Our mission is clear: Justice Counts puts essential data in the hands of decision-makers to empower informed decisions across the nation about criminal justice.

In May 2022, Justice Counts released the first tier of community-driven cross-system criminal justice metrics. Created by experts in the field, for experts in the field, these metrics are empowering criminal justice agencies across the nation to tell their stories and enable decision-makers to make informed, impactful decisions about public safety.

Now, the Justice Counts community is furthering its commitment to making criminal justice data accessible and actionable by hosting a public feedback opportunity for the recently released proposed Tier 2 Metrics.

From Monday May 13, 2024, to Tuesday, June 25, 2024, Justice Counts invites the public to provide feedback on the proposed Tier 2 Metrics. The insights gained through public feedback will help Justice Counts assess the impact of these metrics and better understand potential challenges and opportunities with implementing them.

Help shape the future of criminal justice data and provide your feedback on Tier 2 Metrics using the public feedback opportunity on the Justice Counts website:

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Date Published: June 7, 2024